Message from the Director, Distance and Institution-Based Learning

It gives much pleasure to introduce you to the Directorate of Distance and Institution-Based Learning (DIBL). DIBL was formerly known as Directorate of School Based Education Programmes (SBEP).

This was the directorate that catered for students who learnt during school holidays. After rebranding following a market survey and also to be in line with Commission for University regulations on minimum contact hour regulations, SBEP rebranded into DIBL with a component of digital student teacher interaction added into the holiday face-to-face interaction.

This means that lecturers in the school of education not only have lecture design sessions in the university during school holidays but also have web-based interaction via the SAKAI platform installed by the university to cater for the distance component. Thus, Distance (web-based) and Institution-based (face-to-face lecturer design) learning is made possible.

The DIBL is a unique blended mode of learning that gives Mount Kenya University DIBL courses the best in the region in that they meet the minimum contact hour requirement that should be not be more than one third of the total contact hours. The institution based component is one third of 42 contact hours (14 hours during holidays) and 28 hours (Two-thirds of 42 hours) to make a total of 42 contact hours.

This means that our programmes meet the required number of hours as commission for university education demands. As you come to Mount Kenya University, and if you choose the Distance and Institution-Based Learning (DIBL), I want to assure you that the degree course you will undertake under this mode will be as good as the degree course taken through the regular mode. I take this opportunity to welcome you to Mount Kenya University and to pledge my full support to you as a Distance and Institution-Based Learning student.


Kariuki Nderitu

Director, Distance and Institution-Based Learning

Mount Kenya University